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No one goes to school for B2B marketing. That's why I built DGMG (hey, it's me Dave btw). With DGMG I'm taking my experience as a marketer and CMO and sharing it back to help grow your business and your career. Whether you're a first-time marketer looking to learn, or a startup CEO looking for fresh ideas, DGMG will have something for you through our podcasts, videos, courses, coaching, and consulting.

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DGMG Jobs is the the place to go to find B2B marketing jobs you’d actually want. 50+ open roles from marketing leader to entry level. In the past roles from companies like Shopify, Ahrefs, Privy, Chili Piper, Wodify, Verblio, and more have been posted. DGMG Jobs is also a great place to reach candidates.

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DGMG University is loaded with videos and guides to help you grow your career in marketing. We’ve got expert interviews with top marketing leaders and subject matter experts in areas like demand generation, product marketing, and content strategy. Plus templates for the things you need but often can’t find inside of your company like positioning, budgeting, campaign planning, and access to exclusive live sessions and Q&A with marketing experts.

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I help select CEO's and marketing leaders with positioning, messaging, brand building, and marketing strategy. Whether you're an early stage startup looking to get on the map or established business looking for a fresh perspective, there are a number of ways I can help.

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Mark H.

Discovering your content has been a game changer. I listen to your podcasts while I run – I hate running but the insights you share make the pain worth it. I always finish a run a step closer to being a better marketer. So firstly – Thank you – you’ve thought me more about becoming a great B2B marketing leader in a couple of months than I’ve picked up in the almost 10 years I spent working in tech.


As a one-woman marketing team, the best part of my week is catching up on tons of valuable @joindgmgcontent. From DG’s podcast to the awesome + inclusive FB Community, I defo recommend it to all marketers.

Samantha L.

Your ideas are as good as the content 
you consume. If you want to level up your marketing knowledge, challenge assumptions, and grow, check it out now.

It’s only $10/ m & you’ll get a ton of value from @davegerhardt, special guests, & brilliant fellow marketers.


Built by a marketer who’s done it before

DGMG is created by Dave Gerhardt. Hey, that’s me. I’ve built a reputation as one of the leading brand builders in B2B marketing today through my work at Drift (VP of Marketing) and Privy (CMO). But unlike most “marketing gurus” I’ve actually done the work. I’ve grown from individual contributor to CMO in five years. I’ve created 
a category, published books, launched events, delivered millions in ARR, and helped the companies I’ve worked at get massive valuations.

But I started DGMG because above all, I love marketing and teaching it to others. And I’ve seen first-hand how you can grow your career in marketing through passion and learning. We live in a time where it’s easier than ever to get an education thanks to books, audiobooks, podcast, YouTube, events, groups, online courses and more. But through DGMG I can help you cut through the noise and provide you with the marketing education you never got in school (and let’s be honest: no one went to school for B2B marketing).