Dave Gerhardt

Founder: Exit Five

Author: Founder Brand

Former Startup CMO

Hey I'm Dave Gerhardt. I spent 10 years working in B2B SaaS and grew my career from PR intern to CMO. I worked as VP of Marketing at Drift ($1B valuation) and CMO at Privy ($100M+ exit). After I left my job I did a bit of consulting and advising before starting Exit Five. Exit Five is a media company focused on B2B marketing. There's a popular community, newsletter, and weekly podcast. Today I spend my time working on Exit Five, and writing about entrepreneurship and digital marketing.


My Background

Chief Brand Officer at Drift

Chief Marketing Officer at Privy

Author: Founder Brand

Creator: Exit Five (B2B Media)


Reviews that speak for themselves.

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We've learned a lot from working with DG directly. He lives up to the hype and knows what he's talking about when it comes to startup marketing.

Kishore Kothandaraman Co-Founder at Goldcast
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Dave has been a great resource to us at Metadata. He's provided insight on marketing strategy, fundraising announcements, category creation, and helped amplify our brand as a speaker at our events.

Gil Allouche CEO at metadata.io
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Working with Dave was magical. I would spend 10 minutes briefing him on a new feature and he’d say “OK I got it” then he’d read his pitch back to me. My mind was blown every time. Dave is the most creative, the most driven, and the most scrappy partner and marketer I could ever dream of as a product leader. Drift owes lots of it’s success to Dave and I truly hope we work together again someday.

Craig Daniel
Craig Daniel GM of New Ventures at Toast, Inc
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If you have the opportunity to work with Dave, do it.

Ben Jabbawy Founder, CEO at Privy
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I think it's probably easy to think Dave Gerhardt the marketing guru from LinkedIn and assume while his ideas are really good, he probably isn’t as good about executing on them. And honestly, that’s not an unfair assumption to make about some marketers. Today, you can get pretty far in marketing just for making a lot of noise. But Dave isn’t most marketers. He’s a generational gift to the startup marketing world. Finally, a real marketing professional to raise the bar for everyone else. And he’s certainly not just an idea guy. I’d be hard pressed to find a harder worker in my rolodex. I loved working for Dave, hope to again someday and highly recommend Dave as a marketing leader.

Daniel J. Murphy
Daniel J. Murphy Founder at Daniel J. Murphy Consulting
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Dave is a superpower, full stop. I have been in tech sales for 25 years and haven't worked with a marketer that put out as much top quality work at that pace ever. Dave simplifies the message, the approach and the overall strategy. He doesn't hide behind all the "work" he's doing, he is focused on results. For the first year of Drift he sat in every single sales huddle and meeting to learn, get feedback and give feedback to the team (in early days we did this daily). Lastly he even jumped in and did the sales job for a month to better understand a day in the life of the sales rep. I've NEVER seen that in any company. He was an incredible business partner and I'd work with him again anytime anywhere.

Armen Zildjian
Armen Zildjian VP Sales at Drift