I can help you do better marketing.

Hey I’m Dave Gerhardt. I’m currently CMO at Privy.com (the #1 app for sales on Shopify), and I’ve spent the last 10 years doing marketing at top companies like HubSpot and Drift.

I’ve had to own the number and deliver on leads, meetings, and pipeline.

I’ve launched new products, published books, and helped create a new category.

I’ve become known as one of the most creative marketers & top brand builders in B2B.

Through DGMG I can help you do better marketing.

Work with me.

I do consulting on a limited basis.


There are now 2,100+ members in my private group. Members get access to my podcast, videos, and instant access to 300+ articles, ideas, and frameworks.

On average I share 2-3 things a week exclusively in the group. Members also get access to my Facebook Group, which has quickly become the leading community for B2B marketers — people are posting questions, jobs, sharing tips. Everything from “how do you make good YouTube videos” to “how do you hire a designer” to “what marketing automation system should a Series A startup use.” For $100/year, the ROI is insane. Just come check it out already.



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Listen To The B2B Marketing Leaders Podcast

A few times/month I do a podcast with top B2B marketing leaders to understand how they operate:

their goals, budgets, headcount, team roles, marketing channels, biggest challenges, how they run their team, which marketing tools they’re using, which agencies they work with and more. Guests include Twilio CMO, SurveyMonkey CMO, Gong CMO, Former Slack, Zendesk CMO, Christopher Lochhead, and more.

“If you work in Marketing & are looking for a small way to invest in yourself next year, I highly recommend @davegerhardt's Patreon. ”

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