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Cecilia P.

The most valuable thing I’ve subscribed to for work knowledge.


As a one-woman marketing team, the best part of my week is catching up on tons of valuable @joindgmgcontent. From DG’s podcast to the awesome + inclusive FB Community, I defo recommend it to all marketers.

Just wanted to send an unsolicited shout out to say thanks for all the great content on DGMG.
I’m about to take my first leap out of VP marketing roles at larger companies and into my first CMO position. Your content has me feeling more prepared for the craziness of CMO day-to-day life and some of the surprises I suspect will come my way.
You put frameworks and a voice to concepts I’ve had to learn or intuit through my years of product and corporate marketing.
Thanks for sharing your ideas and your connections. They’re an express pass for marketers who don’t want to learn the hard way by making every mistake. I’ve learned plenty the hard way on my marketing journey already 🙂

Built By A Marketer Who’s Done It Before

I’ve built a reputation as one of the leading brand builders in marketing today through my work at Drift (Chief Brand Officer) and Privy (Chief Marketing Officer). In 2021 Privy was acquired by Attentive Mobile and Drift reached unicorn status with a billion-dollar valuation after Vista Equity acquired a majority stake in the company. I’ve done the work and grown from individual contributor in marketing to CMO, but along the way I learned that I love marketing and teaching it to others and now I’m doing that full-time through DGMG. The best feeling now is when people email me and tell me they got a promotion because 9 months ago they started doing something different based on what they learned through DGMG. I am here to help you cut through the noise and provide you with the marketing lessons they didn’t teach you in school. Because no one goes to school for B2B marketing.